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Retail video analytics simplified

Unlock valuable insights and find out how your retail space is truly used. Improve the visitor experience, simplify property management, and effectively commercialise your spaces with Fyma.

Use your existing cameras

Deploy in under ten minutes

Immediate real-time analytics

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Support decision-making and boost your ROI

We help retailers make lightning-fast, data-driven decisions focused on the needs of their visitors and tenants, equipping them with a precise understanding of retail space performance and occupant behaviour to uncover growth opportunities built on fact, not feeling.

Improve the visitor experience

Enhance every aspect of the visitor journey within your retail environment by leveraging deep, real-time insights into how your retail spaces are used and navigated

Simplify property management

Make your property management processes easier with actionable insights from Fyma, enhancing the value of your asset while driving operational costs down

Maximise commercialisation

Boost your retail space’s earning potential by locating the most strategic areas for advertising, pop-ups, and vendor placements, positioned to capture maximum attention

Understand space usage

Gain a comprehensive view of how every square foot of your retail space is used and identify underperforming areas prime for repurposing


Visitor Experience

Enhance every aspect of the visitor journey within your retail environment by leveraging deep insights into how spaces are used and navigated. Fyma helps you tailor store layouts and amenities to match your visitors’ needs and preferences.

Queue Detection

Seating Area Usage

Vertical Escalation Placement

A more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience encourages repeat visits and increases customer satisfaction.


Property Management

Simplify your property management processes much simpler with actionable insights from Fyma. Understand traffic patterns to optimise maintenance schedules, improve security measures, and ensure your resources are being used efficiently.

Car Park Management

Unauthorised Access

Trash Detection

A well-maintained property reduces operational costs and enhances the value of your real estate assets.



Significantly enhance your retail space’s earning potential by identifying the most lucrative areas for advertising, pop-up shops, and vendor placements. Fyma helps you adapt your commercial strategies to align with visitor traffic, peak times and engagement trends.

Inform Leasing Zones

Ratecard Creation

Identify Popup/Event Areas

Strategically positioned marketing efforts and partnerships capture more attention and generate higher revenue.


Space utilisation

Want to understand how every square foot of your retail space is utilised? Fyma helps you identify underperforming areas, revealing unseen opportunities for repurposing or redesigning spaces that meet the ever-changing needs of your tenants and visitors.

Seating Area Usage

Placemaking Activity Measurement

Choke Point Detection

Reliable, robust data helps you make informed decisions about lease agreements, renovations, and space allocation.


Visitor Experience


Count and analyse the number of people passing through or visiting your retail space.


Measure the length of time individuals spend in a particular area, indicating engagement.


Analyse visual data to predict the age range of individuals to better understand your visitors.


Identifying the gender of individuals based on typical physical attributes and patterns.


Locate thousands of different objects within a video frame, such as vehicles, people & furniture.


How Fyma helped The Viru Centre analyse and understand its visitors

Faced by claims that low visitor numbers demanded lower rents, the retailer Viru Keskus needed to get a clear picture of how and when its shopping centre was being used, giving them the data insights they needed to avoid rent reductions based on assumption

Increase sales

Boost customer satisfaction

Negotiate better rents

“Fyma is helping us to navigate and respond to the ever-evolving retail landscape by enabling us to make smarter and faster decisions about how we utilise and market our shopping centre…We were impressed with the accuracy of the solution as well as the speed of the integration and how quickly we were able to see results.”

Margus Kolumbus
Chief Development Officer


Replace gut feeling with data

Equip yourself with the data you need to make faster, smarter and more accurate decisions, helping you cut costs, optimise your spaces and increase the profitability of your retail portfolio.

Unlock the full potential of your commercial real estate and retail portfolio with Fyma!

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