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Transform the charging experience for improved utilisation rates with Fyma’s intelligent analytics platform. Gain valuable insights through 24/7 monitoring for informed decision making, better user experiences, and increased ROI.

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ev charger analytics

Understand usage, behaviour, downtime and retail conversion

Underutilised chargers, downtime, and unexpected incidents can frustrate users and reduce reliability. HPC asset owners lack real-time insights, leading to inefficient utilisation and missed opportunities to enhance user experience and retail conversion rates. 

Fyma’s intelligent analytics platform transforms existing camera infrastructure into a tool for 24/7 monitoring and real-time analytics, providing actionable insights to optimise charger usage, manage incidents swiftly, and boost the commercial potential of EV charging stations. With Fyma, you can improve performance, ensure user satisfaction, and maximise your EV charging investment.

Optimise EV charger usage

 Ensure your infrastructure meets demand and prevents revenue loss due to underutilised chargers or ICEd bays.

Identify charger incidents

Minimise the downtime of your HPC infrastructure and improve user satisfaction by identifying and managing retries, incidents and issues.

Maximise commercialisation

Pinpoint the impact of charger proximity on nearby shops and facilities to boost retail conversion rates & make data-backed decisions.

Benchmark performance

Benchmark your investment, establish KPIs, identify areas for improvement, and set performance goals to track the commercial viability of HPC infrastructure.


Understand charger usage

Ensure your EV chargers are utilised to their full potential with Fyma. Track how often each charger is used, identify peak times, and understand usage patterns to better inform placement and quantity.


Length of time


Optimised charging bays can minimise downtime, reduce wait times, and ensure your infrastructure investment is delivering maximum value.


Detect incidents & issues

Identify and manage incidents and issues using Fyma’s real-time insights. Identify problems such as failed charges, prevent ICEing and minimise the impact on your users.

Blocked/ICEd bays

Failed charges


Quickly resolving incidents reduces downtime, improves the reliability of your charging network, and boosts trust in your infrastructure.


Understand retail behaviour

Leverage Fyma to enhance the commercial potential of your EV charging stations. Identify the relationship between infrastructure location and retail. Attract more users and drive traffic to nearby shops, and truly know how charging behaviour impacts your retail conversion rate.

Charger proximity

Retail conversion rate

Infrastructure location

Strategically positioned chargers increase foot traffic to adjacent businesses, driving sales and repeat usage.


Benchmark performance

Compare the performance of your EV charging stations. Understand and compare charger manufacturers based on failure rates, retries and more, and establish KPIs based on data, not guess work.




Continuous benchmarking ensures your EV charging network meets the expectations of your users.


Visitor Experience


Count and analyse the number of people passing through or visiting your retail space.


Measure the length of time individuals spend in a particular area, indicating engagement.


Analyse visual data to predict the age range of individuals to better understand your visitors.


Identifying the gender of individuals based on typical physical attributes and patterns.


Locate thousands of different objects within a video frame, such as vehicles, people & furniture.


How Fyma helped The Viru Centre analyse and understand its visitors

Faced by claims that low visitor numbers demanded lower rents, the retailer Viru Keskus needed to get a clear picture of how and when its shopping centre was being used, giving them the data insights they needed to avoid rent reductions based on assumption

Increase sales

Boost customer satisfaction

Negotiate better rents

“Fyma is helping us to navigate and respond to the ever-evolving retail landscape by enabling us to make smarter and faster decisions about how we utilise and market our shopping centre…We were impressed with the accuracy of the solution as well as the speed of the integration and how quickly we were able to see results.”

Margus Kolumbus
Chief Development Officer


Make better decisions with EV charger analytics

Equip yourself with the data you need to make faster, smarter and more accurate decisions, helping you cut costs and increase the profitability of your HPC charger infrastructure.

Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure with Fyma!

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